Catherine Jennings

Dear Jade

This is just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful evening you organised for us on Friday 30th October. I apologise that this letter is coming so late – soon after our honeymoon I was diagnosed with pneumonia and have been too ill to be intelligible to anyone not gifted with telepathy. I hope you don’t think that the late reply was due to rudeness or any dissatisfaction on our part.

Our wedding day was a total success, especially considering that we had thrown it together in just 15 days! You gave us a guiding hand throughout the process and were in constant contact, ensuring we were aware of all the options available, prices and different ways to order the evening to make the flow as smooth as possible. We were particularly grateful that you made a special arrangement for us regarding the ordering of drinks and assigned us a dedicated waiter, this was very helpful to cope with the volume of drinks being ordered and make sure nobody shirked their share of the payments! Everyone complimented the waiter (I’m very sorry, I’ve forgotten his name) and mentioned that he was very efficient and entertaining.

The venue was beautifully arranged when we arrived, and we were very touched that even though only half of the expected guests actually turned up, we weren’t treated with any less importance than if we had booked out the restaurant. There were many thoughtful touches that we had not expected such as the beautifully arranged bunch of balloons in our area and the laying out of the cake knife with a ribbon on its own plate to add some formality and ceremony to the occasion. The food, as expected, was gorgeous and I think we converted a good many of the guests to lovers of South African food! We were constantly checked on and monitored so that our food was brought out at a time of my choosing and nobody was left waiting for snacks or drinks. At the end of the evening we were laden down with gifts and you kindly arranged for a taxi to collect us and take us home, it arrived within 3 minutes and my new husband and I were ushered from the place with warm smiles, congratulations and compliments.

I wanted to write this letter to thank you personally for orchestrating such a perfect evening – it really went above and beyond what we could have hoped for! Please feel free to publish this letter in whole or in part on any review boards you may use and pass this on with our highest recommendations.

Many thanks once again!

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