Top 10 Tips for a Summer-is-Back Celebration Party

Celebration Party

Summer is around the corner and everybody is getting ready to get their swimsuits out and their sunblock on for the greatest celebration party yet. Make the most of the warm weather by planning the best summer-is-back celebration that your guests have ever seen! One of the great benefits of having a summer celebration is that you can use the full day and night to get your party on. Get friends and family to arrive between 1pm and 3pm and make them ready to stay till as late into the evening as you want. Follow these 10 simple tips to merge day into night perfectly.

Daytime Celebration Party 

  • Incorporate fun sports and games into the day to make use of your time and space. This will encourage guests to interact, keep kids busy and offer affordable entertainment for all. It is also a great way to settle high levels of energy before the relaxation commences.
  • Don’t make your guests too full as the main event catering should be spared or the evening! Have picnic baskets filled with fresh fruit, cold drinks, light snacks or fancied-up crudités. Lay them out onto big blankets under lush trees and have pretty throw pillows scattered about on the blankets. This is ideal for starting a laid back and relaxed day. Your guests will be so calm and at ease that the day will run into evening in no time.
  • Hire simple décor that will create an ambience of summer. Add pops of colour to accentuate the vibrant vibes that summer gives off, or use long drapes of light flowy curtains to create a soft, elegant touch, and provide extra sun protection. Floating peonies and gardenias are beautiful ways to represent the coming of summer while citronella candles and incense make for a delightful and comfortable environment.
  • Make sure your guests stay fresh and hydrated by providing umbrellas, tons of water and frozen cloths for their hands and faces. Keep the alcohol to light drinks while the sun is still out; minty mojitos and light daiquiris will keep guests on their toes for hours while hard liquor and shots will probably take them down with the sunset.
  • Provide a decent space for guests to change their clothes to feel more comfortable for the evening, especially if swimming and other sports have been involved. Use your time wisely to incorporate ‘refreshment hour’ and remember to have tons of extra towels, they are always needed!


Night time Celebration Party 

  • Make bonfires or start the braai up once the sun hits the horizon. This will encourage guests to stay longer or help them feel toasty if the day involved a lot of swimming. The smell of smoky wood is exceptionally welcoming and will fire up the anticipation of a mouth-watering braai!
  • Hang faint and subtle fairy lights up around trees and pillars for added décor. Guests’ eyes will adjust to the darkness quickly so make use of this light source for prettiness and ambience; brighter lights should only be used by the cooking station and food table.
  • Have an entertainment room set up for children who are starting to feel tired and A classic Christmas bed and a wide range of movie selections are great ways to keep them happy and settled. Remember that kids want to eat earlier than the rest. Luckily they are simple, so just having hot dogs or pizza slices ready will save parents from the wrath of hungry, impatient and tired littlies.
  • Get rid of puddles of still water in and around the garden to avoid pesky mosquitos. Having subtle fans here and there is also a great way of chasing flies, bugs and mosquitos
  • Have a 3-4 hour playlist Light tunes create a great atmosphere on a chilled night out and will fill in awkward gaps of silences without guests evening noticing. Don’t blare music from one spot so that guests can’t hear each other within close range of the speaker. Rather have 3 or 4 smaller speakers spread out so that the music is heard everywhere but never is too overpowering.
Top 10 Tips for a Summer-is-Back Celebration Party
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Top 10 Tips for a Summer-is-Back Celebration Party
Get friends and family to arrive between 1pm and 3pm and make them ready to stay till as late into the evening. Follow these 10 simple tips to merge day into night perfectly.
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