You continually forget our company name…! Plumb Events | Plum Tree events ?

What’s the purpose of spending hundreds and thousands of rands on a company name when all that matters is.. are your customers returning….?

Plumb Events | Plum Tree events | Crazy Plum Events | Plum Crazy? oh wait it’s Plum Crazy Events…we’ve heard it all and we’re NOT offended, actually we’re pretty excited that you’ve remembered part of our name, that’s why google is great, throw in a few random words that you remember, miss-spell our name, add in random letters that don’t exist… do whatever you need to do to find us.

We won’t be offended by how you say / spell or remember our name, the most important thing is you had such an amazing experience that the full name doesn’t matter… as long as when you search google for some kind of Plums at an Event you end up on our website.

So does it really mater if your customers aren’t remembering your full name? well in our eyes – No, information is so easily accessible these days that by doing a simple “events companies in Joburg” or “party hire Johannesburg” search, it will result in you finding us. So a special thanks to all those customers who love our services &  remember parts of our name and place whatever words and names they can remember into google just to find us.

What started as a vision and an idea has grown into a company which both corporate and private clients are now speaking about for their events. We focus on the fun side of events.

Plum Crazy Events has been doing annual events for corporate & private clients for over 5 years & we are excited to be growing year upon year, we are even more excited that our customers choose to come back to us, showing that not only are they happy with our services but they are choosing us over any other events company based our quality of service and pricing, so a special thanks to each an everyone of our clients for using us time & time again.




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