How balloons will transform your next party venue

Let’s put you in a scenario. You’re planning an event- any event really: birthday bash, anniversary, kitchen tea or even a baby shower. The first party venue that you find is affordable, but a little bit far. The next place you find is close by, and it looks stunning, but the event and party catering is too expensive. Next, you find a party venue that is ideally located, but it looks bland and uninspiring.

Well, realistically, the third venue is the best option, because venue location and cost is out of your control, but you can manipulate aesthetic appeal easily. Ultimately you want to keep your décor expenses low enough so that it doesn’t override the price you would pay for the pretty, expensive venue. Here is how you can do it, using balloons only!

Hold up, you might be thinking that balloon décor won’t accomplish the standards that you are after. But in fact, balloon décor can achieve basically any style that you want. A quick look on Pinterest already proves endless possibilities.

Use balloons to draw attention to specific areas of the venue.

This will allow you to cover up boring walls, make centre pieces stand out and ultimately entertain the eye with quirky décor and distract guests from the not-so-pretty spots.

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Use balloons to accentuate entrances

Make sure that the first thing your guests see upon arrival is an absolutely stunning creation. This will immediately lift the venue’s ambiance and appeal, and make your guests excited to see more.

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Use balloons to create even more

No one said you have to use a balloon just as it is. You can decorate the balloon itself with various arts and crafts techniques, and turn the end result into something absolutely spectacular.

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Use balloons to fill space

Whether you pin them up strategically or just let them dance around gracefully on the floor, balloons can really beauty big open gaps in a venue. You can create a roof design that will add depth and dimension, or colour code them around the food tables to enhance the other décor.

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So there you have it, you can use balloons to do just about anything that you want!
You just need to make sure that the balloons you use are high quality helium balloons. This way your balloons won’t pop prematurely, and your balloon décor will remain firm and sturdy throughout the event!

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