Kids’ corner: turning food into fun

Serving fancy hors d’oeuvre and complicated recipes on exquisite salvers is not the only way that you can boost your status as a food lover at your next event; catering food for a kid’s party has proved this. There are many creative ways that you can use food to enrich the soul with fun as well as bring friends and family together, using minimal time and effort. Here are some kids’ party ideas that take advantage of food and make your kids event fun and catered sufficiently.

Introducing a toddler to a new kind of snack or sweet without the presence of fun colours, shapes, pictures or scents will probably result in a few frowns and food on the floor. Don’t waste your money by buying conventional snacks that don’t look fun and irresistible; rather make use of our catering service that can provide you with breath-taking 3D cupcakes or assorted colourful mini donuts. Try and limit their option of sweets without making the table look empty by sticking to two or three basic (but colourful) sweet divisions; you could hire a cotton candy machine or get messy and present them with a flowing chocolate fountain decorated with strawberries and biscuits. These will not only satisfy the sweet tooth, but also provide for some time of exciting entertainment while kids wait to see their treats get made in front of their eyes.

Keep in mind that kids look more forward to running around and playing than what they look forward to eating. Keep the food easy, simple and diverse enough so that parents can also keep themselves satisfied with delicious treats. Consider hiring a mobile pizza oven that will allow your diversity of guests to enjoy the flavour that they enjoy most. Pizza slices grant the opportunity to be served in various sizes (minimal food wastage) and can even be cut into fun and interesting shapes and silhouettes. Fill the rest of the food station with platters of savoury bites and sandwiches.

Finally, consider the excitement that kids get at the sight of something that they do not see at home or on shelves in supermarkets. A jumping castle isn’t the only thing that will have little ones on the edge of their seats. Slush puppies and popcorn are great ways to wrap kids up in a fantasy world where all their dreams come true. This also gives you the opportunity to decorate cups and popcorn packets according to the theme to create a picture perfect day and an unforgettable celebration.




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