How To Keep Children Busy At Your Wedding: 5 Tips

Sometimes, it’s inevitable to have children present at your wedding – which can make the sequence of events quite interesting. However, you don’t need to exclude children from attending your wedding. All you need to provide is certain entertainment options for children that won’t cause you to stretch your budget.

Here’s how:

  • Implement a bubble machine

Although this can be quite fun to implement into your wedding as a confetti option, it’s also a great way to keep children entertained whilst you’re busy enjoying your big day. All you need is 1L of bubble fluid and you’ll have plenty of bubbles to go around.

  • Incorporate party boxes

Make sure the children have snacks of their own by filling individual party boxes with an array of candy and delicious treats. Always have a few extra on hand in case one or two get lost. It’s always a great idea to rather be safe than end up with unnecessary tears.

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  • Set a separate kids table

By setting a separate children’s table, you can stick with your original décor choice by making everything on the table smaller and suitable for children. The possibilities are endless for decorating, so don’t be afraid to add that to your wedding décor list.

  • Hire a balloon modeller

Children love balloons, in which case you should consider hiring a balloon modeller to entertain the children and shape their most desired objects into something they can take home after the event. Ask the balloon modeller to dress according to your theme and have the entertainment match your wedding.

  • Offer face painting

As quite a simple, yet colourful entertaining option, face painting should be done away from white tablecloths and linen to avoid smudging. However, it’ll keep the children well-entertained and busy while they transform into their favourite characters.

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