Go Balloon Crazy

Go Balloon Crazy

Not so long ago, balloons were only used for simple décor at every kid’s birthday party. A pack of 50 balloons were bought, blown up and scattered around party tables, at gate entrances and sometimes down the road for difficult-to-locate party venues.

Décor companies have now seen the amazing potential of colourful, decorative plastic bubbles and have begun incorporating them into celebrations, weddings, social gatherings and corporate events, creatively displaying them in exciting, enticing ways.

There are many beautiful ways to incorporate balloons into any event décor. Here are a few examples:

Balloon Centerpieces

Balloons are ideal for tight budgets and can be arranged and set up to make unique centerpieces. Whether you’d prefer a classic, fun, elegant or colourful theme for your event, you can definitely incorporate balloons into your table centerpieces. Depending on the theme of the event, add ribbon, organza, plants, fairly lights, etc. to your (preferably helium- filled) balloons.



Balloon Arches

Use balloon arches to welcome guests to a party or an event. Balloon arches grab attention, add to the décor’s overall theme and are excellent for photo booths.


Balloon Pillars

The sky is the limit when it comes to different balloon pillar designs. The pillars can be used to add colour or character to entrances, flank presentation areas and carry the theme of the event throughout the entire venue.



Balloon Wall

Have you ever thought of completely covering a wall? Creating a balloon wall is a fantastic alternative to draping. By using assorted colours and patterns, you can transform a wall into a work of art the affordable way. Use balloon walls for photo areas, behind a main wedding table, or even just to cover a shabby wall!



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Go Balloon Crazy
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Go Balloon Crazy
There are many beautiful ways to incorporate balloons into any event décor. Here are a few examples:
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