Create a fair stall that’ll captivate your customers

Now that thdécore festive season is here and it’s time to break out the fair stalls, you may be wondering how you can shake things up to make this year’s stall better than last year’s. Attending a fair that’ll bring your community together this season (be it a fundraiser, church fair or simply a coming together in your neighbourhood) is the perfect way to contribute and become part of that community spirit.

If you’re thinking about participating in an upcoming outdoor fair, you’ll have to get cued up on how you can make your presence at such an event unforgettable. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Emphasise your stall’s uniqueness by building your brand:

Whatever it is that makes your products, services and ultimately, your stall unique is the element that what will draw people in – don’t underestimate the power of an original stall!

Start thinking about what it is that separates you from the rest and build on it. If you’re showcasing quirky decorative items, emphasise this theme and element. If you’re going for something more minimalistic, make sure that you carry this idea across effectively by choosing sophisticated materials that can draw attention on their own. Basically, always make sure that you convey a clear message about what you’re selling.

  • Make your stall accessible:

When you’re showcasing items, you’ll want to invite your potential customers to come and have a pleasant and comfortable experience before making a purchase. Having an interesting looking stall doesn’t help if your customers can’t browse your merchandise properly!

How can you make your stall more accessible?
Place your items coherently and at eye-level. Laying your items out on a table can ruin a good experience because of other customers buzzing through the same items. Elevate your merchandise (with hanging racks and innovative shelves for instance) so that a big crowd can come and browse without feeling like they have to wait for someone else to finish! Elevating your merchandise also means it will be seen from a distance, making your advertising much more effective.

  • Be professional:

This is how you’ll reassure customers that your stall is relevant and worthwhile. Building trust with passers-by isn’t as difficult as you may think! When customers perceive that your stall is well thought out, and that you present your merchandise or services in a professional manner, you’ll win them over in no time at all. A half-done stall will have them moving on to the next stall very quickly.

If you’re worried that you’ll not make a strong enough impression, invest in renting eye-catching décor, like cute mobile carts or interesting table cloths, gazeebos and other décor and you’ll certainly see your stall getting much more attention!

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