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Frozen Summer Party Tips!

A Frozen themed birthday party seems like the perfect winter kids event decor for this year! You could set up a warm hot cocoa table served with fluffy marshmallows, while matching the striking blue colour themes of the very popular … Read More

Kids Birthday Party: Turning a Hobby into a Theme

What’s the longest you have ever struggled with brainstorming typical theme ideas for your son/daughter’s next birthday party? And then when you finally come up with the perfect theme, you are reminded that Joshua or Lizzy from school just had that … Read More

How Not To Spoil A Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party involves more than just deleting a chat history and keeping a straight face. Many people sink into the idea of planning a surprise party, only to terminate their idea out of fear of everything going wrong. … Read More

Crazy Cake Creations

Now that you have decided on a date, venue and theme for your kid’s next birthday bash, it’s time to get the ball rolling on finalising décor and party idea planning. One of the first things you should tick off … Read More

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