Kids Birthday Party: Turning a Hobby into a Theme

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What’s the longest you have ever struggled with brainstorming typical theme ideas for your son/daughter’s next birthday party? And then when you finally come up with the perfect theme, you are reminded that Joshua or Lizzy from school just had that same theme about a month ago for their birthday. Or you realise that you have set up unrealistic goals because party décor hire of a life-size, make-believe spaceship is impossible to find.

Why not forget about standard themes this year and rather turn the birthday party into an interactive themed day of hobbies and activities with our kids party hire? This way you have an exciting, creative theme that also has your entertainment covered; meaning you only have food and drinks left to sort out! Here are a few things that you can look into for a this skill-building and memorable birthday bash.

For the love of art

Re-enact a rue des artistes by getting the little Van Gogh’s ready for canvas painting that will improve their creative skills and leave them with a souvenir of the unforgettable day of fun. A friendly facilitator will lead this activity, guide the children and help boost their self-confidence. Get your palettes ready and join in on an adventure of colours and dimensions!

For the love of adventure

Get adrenaline pumping and muscles working by hiring a climbing wall to entertain the hyperactive bunch. A fun physical activity like rock climbing can keep kids entertained for hours and can even be turned into competitions for surprise prizes. Discover new talent and introduce a healthy and active lifestyle to children by incorporating this adventurous sport into your son, or even daughter’s next birthday party.

For the love of food

Lure kids into the culinary world by combining their love of pizza and chocolate into a fun activity for all to enjoy! Chocolate pizza making will help cover the cost of sweet treats while keeping children entertained and teaching them a thing or two about baking. Don’t be scared of getting messy, get those chef hats on and get ready to tuck into this joyous chocolate extravaganza!

There are so many activities that you can incorporate into your kid’s next birthday party, all you need to do is contact us and we can assist you with mechanical hire, jumping castles, karaoke, interactive entertainment and much, much more. Most of the services we offer are perfect for boys and girls, and mixing and matching different forms of entertainment is always an option too. With everything we have to offer, you can create an activity themed party of a lifetime!



Kids Birthday Party: Turning a Hobby into a Theme
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Kids Birthday Party: Turning a Hobby into a Theme
Here are a few things that you can look into for a this skill-building and memorable birthday bash.
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