5 Fun Kids Party Hire Ideas

Kids party hirePlanning your child’s birthday party can be just as enjoyable as attending it – especially if you have an array of interesting party hire products to choose from. Remember, it’s a great opportunity to feel like a kid again – having the perfect excuse to splurge on entertainment and décor.

Here are 5 fun kids party hire ideas to choose from:

  1. Jumping castles:

Jumping Castles have been bringing joy to individuals of all ages, and this time doesn’t have to be any different. Including the delivery, setup, and collection, our Jumping Castles come in an array of bright, bold colours and interesting designs – from big to small.

  1. Water slides:

Add a little water on a warm day by hiring a fun water slide; available in a Double Slip n Slide design, Wave Slide, Slip n Slide and Water Park. Each design brings its own set of joy specifically aimed at creating the best children’s party to date.

  1. Climbing wall:

For all the rock climbing enthusiasts, our Climbing Wall comes in a small and large size – depending on the age and weight of the children. As safety is our biggest concern, you can rest assure that your children will be safe whilst having the time of their lives.

  1. Mini train:

Enjoy a mini train ride on our colourful locomotive – specifically designed for children. Needing a flat grass surface of 20m in diameter, everyone will be excited to take a trip around the jungle gym.

  1. Mechanical bull:

Our Mechanical Bull comes with a 5m x 5m airbag surrounding him, to ensure a safe landing when the ride gets too bumpy. However, don’t let that stop you! Let your child be a cowboy/girl for a day and experience what it’s like to live life in the west.

For more ideas: Have a look at our Price List to ensure you have all the necessary items to make it a spectacular event!

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