3 Tips for Planning a Last Minute New Year Party

While most families are packing their trailers and getting ready to hit the coast, some of us are stuck here with a pile of work and only a few fellow Pretorians left.

So what are the people staying this side of the country getting up to for New Year celebrations? If you feel like hosting your own event at home, but you don’t have much time for last minute party planning, read these few tips.

Compile a guest list ASAP

Since so few of us are staying behind, people are going to be hogging their friends- so make sure you grab all the people you want at your party before they get involved in some other last minute party! Even if you don’t have all your plans in line, start letting your friends know that you are planning something and that you want them there. If your guests know of other lonely December-workers, let them tag along as well, it will only make your event bigger and better!

Get your garden ready

When a garden is in good condition, a lot less attention is needed for decorating the space for the party. Use these last few weeks to get your garden super neat and extra green. Read David Domoney’s 50 quick fixes for your garden for ideas and inspiration so you can spring into action quickly. Also remember that pool repairs and renovations work wonders for your garden too! Make sure your swimming pool is in top-notch condition so that your guests can enjoy a good summer-party swim.

Don’t be shy to ask for help

Everyone staying behind in Pretoria will either be very busy, or very bored. If they are very busy, they will understand why you are too and if they are very bored, they won’t mind helping you with a few things! Ask the music lover to help you set up a good playlist and ask the kitchen wizard for some fun food and drink tips- they will probably offer to help you as soon as you ask. Alternatively, you could contact a professional event planning and party hire company and rent all sorts of fun stuff!

Don’t worry, your New Year party is going to be absolutely awesome! No matter what, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the countdown into a prosperous 2017.

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